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About Us

Comprehensive Health Center of Orlando is a leading medical center with offices in Orlando and Miami, specializing in Family Medicine and Preventive Health & Wellness Care.
Dr. Guy Rudolph Moise established and founded Comprehensive Health Center in Miami in 1985, then added a new location in Orlando in 2003. He has assembled an exceptional medical team of Board Certified Primary Care Physicians, Nurses, and other health Practitioners. These professionals have met the stringent requirements in their respective fields of preventative and rehabilitative healthcare, and are dedicated to providing our patients and families with outstanding care.
Our goal is to offer the highest level of quality care to our patients through expert diagnosis, treatment, maintenance, and restoration of each patient’s health.

Patients of Comprehensive Health Center of Orlando find our one-stop office convenient for all of their needs. The practice provides a full range of medical services from routine comprehensive exams to, well woman gynecological exams, in-house laboratory, chronic disease management, and preventive medicine.

We’re thrilled to offer you secure video visits. While we love it when you visit us in the office, we understand that it’s not always convenient to do so. Video visits allow you to receive the same quality care as you do in the clinic, without taking time off work or finding a sitter to see us.

Video visits are appropriate for many types of appointments, especially follow-up and minor urgent care. Feel free to request a video visit when scheduling your follow up appointments.

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